Trouble installing php_pear Protobuf package

Hi All

I am trying to install php_pear package Protobuf. I am trying to install
beta version. when I install it manually by ,

pear channel-discover
pear install drslump/Protobuf-beta

It is successfull but with chef it fails

My recipe is

include_recipe “php”

drslump = php_pear_channel “” do

action :discover

action :update


php_pear Protobuf do

preferred_state "beta"

channel drslump.channel_name

action :install


but I get

STDOUT: Failed to download drslump/Protobuf within preferred state
"beta", latest release is version 0.9.4, stability “beta”, use
"channel://" to install

I tried all available options but no help.

Can somebody please help if anybody has tried it before.