Trying to understand why I don't permissions for /dev

From within an alpine based docker container running hab studio run '...', I see the following error:

+ /hab/pkgs/core/hab-studio/0.79.1/20190410223053/libexec/busybox mount -v --bind /dev /hab/studios/builds--project-0/dev
mount: permission denied (are you root?)

I am root. I just don’t understand why I don’t have permissions to this or it fails. I also tried within a centos based container and still the same issues.

Is there any special chmodding or permissions I would need to setup prior to running hab studio ... commands?

I’ve never gotten the chroot studio to run inside a docker container. I don’t think Docker grant mount capabilities inside containers by default because it’s a potential escape vector. Maybe try running the container with --privileged

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Running with privileged mode works. Thanks @HT154