Ubuntu 16.04 shasum


I downloaded ubuntu chefdk from [download stable](https://downloads.chef.io/chefdk/stable) but the shasum is not correct it says : 836e41acc3ad6f3bc8032ebab0634013eddf5ce7 rather than 15c40af26358ba6b1be23d5255b49533fd8e5421f7afbc716dcb94384b92e1b0

There is just a wrong sum just copied pasted from ubuntu 14.04 I guess.

Thanks for your attention,


These two are not the same length. The checksums we publish are SHA256, you may need to pass an option to whatever command line tool you’re using to use SHA256 instead of SHA-1.


Ok thanks I did the wrong command:
with sha256sum I get the right key:
Sorry for disturbing