Unable to execute first cookbook

I just downloaded Chef Workstation, and tried to follow the online documentation to just learn the ropes.

I was unable to run the cookbook as described here:


The error I get is:
C:\opscode\chef-workstation\modules\chef....\embedded\bin\ruby.exe: No such file or directory -- C:/opscode/chef-workstation/modules/chef/../../bin/chef-client (LoadError)

I was using the CW Powershell shortcut created by installing Chef Workstation.
Chef Workstation: 0.4.1
chef-run: 0.3.0
chef-client: 15.0.300
delivery-cli: 0.0.52 (9d07501a3b347cc687c902319d23dc32dd5fa621)
berks: 7.0.8
test-kitchen: 2.2.5
inspec: 4.3.2

Windows 10 64-Bit Build 1803
Powershell version 5.1
Major Minor Build Revision

5 1 17134 765

I saw that nothing was added to Path, so I added the following:

As I noticed that ruby is only in that second path.

I normally would tinker to find out what is missing/borked, but in this case I don't want to forget that this is the experience out of the gate, and give back to the community to let them know a casual/new user would have this issue.