Unable to upload cookbook

Hi All,

i was able to upload the first cookbook successfully. I then created 2 new cookbooks and i’m unable to upload any cookbooks now.
there are no errors, -VV option gives me ‘INFO: Using configuration from C:/opscode/chef/.chef/knife.rb’ and nothing else.

PS C:\opscode\chef> knife upload cookbook testrhel

PS C:\opscode\chef> knife upload cookbook testrhel -VV
INFO: Using configuration from C:/opscode/chef/.chef/knife.rb

PS C:\opscode\chef>

my knife.rb:

log_level :debug
log_location STDOUT
client_key “#{current_dir}/chefadmin.pem”
chef_server_url ‘https://azrrhelchefserver/organizations/test
cookbook_path “C:/opscode/chef/cookbooks”
node_name “chefadmin”

I was able to upload my first cookbook…!

PS C:\opscode\chef> knife cookbook upload testchef
Uploading testchef [0.1.0]

Uploaded 1 cookbook.

PS C:\opscode\chef>

is there a way to get more details about the error / are there any log files that i can look into?