Upcoming cookbook release: Elasticsearch 1.0.0

Ohai Chefs!

The elasticsearch cookbook has undergone a drastic rewrite in the last month or two, switching from recipes to a resource and provider model. We've also greatly simplified the code, and hope to continue to do so, though this will definitely impact some features that behaved inconsistently or were difficult to maintain.

Later this week, we plan to move the current master branch to a maintenance-only branch, and move the rewritten cookbook to master. After a few days, we will also push the new cookbook version to Supermarket. Before the release to Supermarket happens, we would love to have your feedback on the branch.

The 'next' / rewritten branch can be found at:

Feedback can be submitted by emailing us off list or using:

Once we release the new version to Supermarket, you will find it at the usual place:

Many thanks to all who have contributed to the rewrite/reworking.


  • Martin