Updating user.toml says hooks are recompiled, but still the values from default.toml are picked

I was working on windows packages and observed this behaviour:

  • I’ve a run hook which loops through some values in default.toml
  • Once I load the service, run hook compiles by pulling in the actual values from default.toml
  • Now, when I add user.toml, I am seeing messages in habitat log on hooks compiled, but still I have the values from default.toml.

Is this expected or am I missing something?

Below is the code from run hook:

Write-Host "Starting {{pkg.name}} service"

# Set environment variables
Write-Host "Setting up environment variables!"
{{#each cfg.env_variables}}
   SETX {{@key}} {{this}} -m

OS: Windows Server 2016
Habitat version: 0.56

I think this might be the bug that was fixed here: https://github.com/habitat-sh/habitat/pull/5177

It will require a release to get this all fixed up

That bug was in 57-dev and was caused by the prost changes, it shouldn’t be in v56

@mkvalluri can you verify if shutting the service down completely and bringing it back up refreshes the config?

Nope. That didn’t work as well.
Stopped the service and restarted it.

Initially I thought it is the path issue, but I do see messages in the log saying “Hooks compiled” whenever I am editing the user.toml and saving it. So, it has to be something else.

Update on this:
It was my mistake. I forgot to provide section name “env_variables” in user.toml file. Once I’ve added that, everything worked.

I think we can mark this thread as solved and close it.

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