Use Automate metadata in Chef recipe?

I would like to use the metadata like policy_group from Automate in my Chef recipe. I have tried using Chef::Node and Chef::Config and both seem impossible.

Hello! You should be able to access this as the attribute node['policy_group'] from within a recipe -- is that what you're looking for there?

Hello Colin, thank you for replying. I ran these commands under Chef-client on the machine where I run the converges and I got nil return values.

chef (16.9.20)> Chef ::node[ ' policy_group ' ]

=> nil

chef (16.9.20)> node[ ' policy_group ' ]

=> nil

chef (16.9.20)> node
=> <Chef::Node:0xc30 @name="abc">

chef (16.9.20)> Chef ::node

=> <Chef::Node:0xc30 @name="abc">

Hello! If you load up chef-shell with the -z flag that should get it running as the actual client, loading in the configuration, which should then show this data:

[root@localhost ~]# chef-shell -z
loading configuration: /etc/chef/client.rb
Session type: client
Loading.....Using policy 'chef-client' at revision '68b7e87a4afda1c82c6cbf587b654eb8788cabf3422af238cad2afb3ca9ad388'
resolving cookbooks for run list: ["chef-client::default@12.1.0 (f306f6c)"]
.Synchronizing Cookbooks:
  - chef-client (12.1.0)
  - cron (6.3.1)
  - logrotate (2.2.3)

Welcome to the chef-shell 16.9.32
For usage see

run `help' for help, `exit' or ^D to quit.

chef (16.9.32)> node['policy_group']
 => "prod" 
chef (16.9.32)>