Use library-recipe 2 times on 1 node


i have the following problem:

i have one git repo with a common recipe called DeployService. This contains multiple steps to deploy a selfcoded service on a windows machine. We have a lot of such services.

Now i create in another git repo an “application cookbook” or “wrapper cookbook”. This reference the Deployservice cookbook.

In the app cookbook i build 2 recipes. Both of them calls them with “include_recipe DeployService” and set with node.override attributes for this specific service. Like this:

- set attributes for service 1
- include_recipe DeployService

- set attributes for service 2
- include_recipe DeployService

I try to apply both of them to the same node with kitchen. But it seems that kitchen runs the deployservice recipe only one time.

I cannot find the problem. Can you help me? Thanks


Hi Christian,

If I understand correctly you want to use the same recipe twice in a Chef run but with different attribute values setting the resources contained in that recipe?

Unfortunately this is not possible and is documented here (go to “Include Recipes”).

Your best options are to turn your code into a definition or custom resource.

Good luck.