Using lazy evaluation in guards


How I can use lazy variable in guards

At the beginning I set a variable to “unknown”
Within a ruby_block I set this variable to its correct value.

I have script resource that should be run if this variable is set to its correct value. I understand I have to use lazy evaluation here, but I didn’t see example on how to achieve this.

Appreciate your help


I believe ruby code in guards are lazily evaluated. I think your problem is more likely that you’re setting a variable in your ruby_block and expecting it to become available within your recipe’s scope. Are you using node.run_state to carry information out of your ruby_block? Something like:

ruby_block 'foo' do
  block do
    node.run_state['bar'] = 'baz'

other_resource 'biz' do
  only_if { node.run_state['bar'] == 'baz' }

Thanks for reply,

No I am setting it to a default value outside the ruby_block.

Then inside of ruby_block I set to right value, and wanted to check in only_if

My issue is whatever I condition I put using this variable, I always get skipped due to only_if so I was guessing it has something to do with lazy evaluation but not sure how to use it.



ruby_block blocks have their own scope. You can’t just set variable foo or whatever inside a block and have it change in the recipe’s scope. That’s what node.run_state is for as it’s available in both the recipe’s and block’s scope.


I will look into it