Using the wrapper cookbook development method to remove the pager duty contact from the Nagios Cookbook

Hi Chef users email distribution list,

I’m trying to use the wrapper development method to change the values written out for the contactgroups in the Nagios cookbook. As you all may or may not know, this cookbook makes heavy use of definitions, resources and LWRPs. Within the users_helper.rb definition file, the following block of code exists:

def return_user_contacts
contacts = []

# add base contacts from nagios_users data bag
@users.each do |s|
  contacts << s['id']

# add pagerduty user if enabled
contacts << 'pagerduty' unless @node['nagios']['pagerduty']['key'].empty?



I personally like to have an email only contactgroup.

I attempted this (which manipulates the arrays correctly):

My reasoning was that I have updated the information in the class members that are referenced when the file is rendered, so if I rerender the file, if the arrays contain the correct members, the file should be rendered with the content that I desire.

However, during the Chef run, I see this output:

Recipe: sm-nagios::_load_default_config

  • nagios_contactgroup[admins] action create (up to date)
  • nagios_contactgroup[admins-sms] action create (up to date)

I’m thinking I could be encountering the resource cloning that Chef does?

Can anyone assist in better understanding the method / process I should be using here?

Thanks all,
Joseph Hammerman

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