What is the difference between bootstrap a new ec2 instance with a chef-client-wrapper cookbook or without

I have used the following command to bootstrap one ec2 instance for my chef opsworks server.

knife bootstrap -N cms-test.com -x ec2-user -i /home/xx/xxxx.pem --sudo

However, I saw another command to bootstrap ec2 instances with “chef-client-wrapper”. I would like to know what this cookbook for.

Can I use the following command to bootstrap other instances?
knife bootstrap -N cms.test.com -x ec2-user -i /home/xx/xxx.pem --sudo --run-list “recipe[chef-client-wrapper]”

That’s not a specific Community Cookbook but merely an illustration of how you can bootstrap a node and set a run_list for that first run that bootstrapping initiates. That example is probably someone wrapping the chef-client cookbook and calling their cookbook chef-client-wrapper and that cookbook exists on their chef-server.

tl;dr That cookbook is an example of custom wrapper cookbook, it’s not referring to something publicly available.

HI, Cheeseplus:

thank you for the reply, I will google the public chef-client cookbook for detail.


I linked it in the post but here is the full link https://github.com/chef-cookbooks/chef-client