What Wiki? or Re: Decommissioning of wiki.opscode.com


To follow-up on Julian's email from last November, the wiki has now been
fully decommissioned. The relevant remnants of any relevant content on the
wiki are now available in more fitting locations such as http://docs.chef.io


On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 12:52 AM, Julian C. Dunn jdunn@aquezada.com wrote:

Hello again:

Continuing along the thread of getting rid of old things we don’t need, we
would like to decommission the old documentation site at wiki.opscode.com
on January 1, 2015.

Most of the content has been migrated off to docs.getchef.com, but we are
aware that there may be a few lingering articles, tutorials, and assorted
pages that might not have been caught. As such, we would like community
members to use the intervening time to identify any such information, and
open a GitHub Issue or even a PR at GitHub - chef-boneyard/chef-web-docs-2016: DEPRECATED - All The Documentation for
it to be migrated.

Alternately if there is something old you don’t feel belongs on the docs
site but requires special dispensation, please feel free to contact me
directly and/or post to this mailing list if you feel it needs discussion.


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