Windows Cloudhealth Install

Has anyone installed CloudHealth with DSC_Resource? I am running into issues with passing argument property:
this is actual string Cloudhealth is expecting - I have tried single and double quotes with no luck…
dsc_resource ‘InstallCloudHealthAgent’ do
resource :package
property :ensure, ‘Present’
property :name, ‘CloudHealth Agent’
property :path, ‘“P:\Cloud Health Agent\CloudHealthAgent.exe”’
property :ProductId, ‘FF84CDE6-16D1-460C-B017-1F2082C1097D’
property :Arguments, /S /v"/l* install.log /qn CLOUDNAME=aws CHTAPIKEY=da1c44be-202d-4bf8-b74f-de7d821dbe65"
Thanks for any ideas/info