Windows Feature (Sub Features)


Hello, I was writing an Inspec code to verify if a Windows Feature is installed.

describe windows_feature('Web-Server') do
it{ should be_installed }

What I also want to test are the sub features, below is the PowerShell output of Get-WindowsFeature command for Web-Server and it shows SubFeatures which I am NOT sure how to include in my Inspec code?

Name : Web-Server
DisplayName : Web Server (IIS)
Installed : True
InstallState : Installed
FeatureType : Role
Path : Web Server (IIS)
Depth :
DependsOn : {}
Parent :
ServerComponentDescriptor : ServerComponent_Web_Server
SubFeatures : {Web-WebServer, Web-Ftp-Server, Web-Mgmt-Tools}
SystemService : {}
Notification : {}

Can someone help please?


Features and sub features are looked at the same from the standpoint of the Inspec code or basic Chef code.

So one option would be to put the features/subfeatures you want to check for in an array and simply loop thru them validating they are installed.


Thanks, I found that out after wasting hours but learnt it.