windows_package upgrade

I need to be able to allow for the upgrading of an application. I though that the windows_package would upgrade if the version was identified as different this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The option I currently using is to remove and then install but this is only a quick fix.

How can I update and installed application that is classified as a new version

The windows_package does not support the :upgrade action. Its possible that you may be able to get the resource to upgrade itself depending on how the package installer was originally built. Sometimes packages are smart enough to upgrade themselves. However, unless the package is an .msi file, you need to make sure that the resource name matches EXACTLY the label used for the software in the “add/remove programs” gui.

If the package requires special installer switches to upgrade, you can provide those using the options property. In the end, performing an uninstall and reinstall may be the best route depending on the particular package you are upgrading.


Thanks Matt,

The installer is an .msi file and it will handle the upgrade itself if it sees that a newer version is installed. So you just need to run the installation again.

This can be handled by changing the windows_package name to “{package_name} Install” but again that is a bit hack.

I will continue with the remove and then re-install.


If its a .msi you should not have to worry so much about the name. However, make sure to include a version property and include the version you are upgrading to. Otherwise it will skip the install.