500 Error - Chef Compliance Profile Upload

I'm having issues uploading a profile to our Chef Compliance server. We currently have several profiles already uploaded, but what seems to be different about this one is it's job is to inherit from another already existing Compliance profile that we've written. So, the difference in this particular profile is the depends: field in inspec.yml for example:

  - name: srvops_windows_base
    compliance: test/srvops_windows_base

Currently, we only are testing the exclusion of one control:

include_controls 'srvops_windows_base' do

  skip_control 'act-101'


Here's the output of when I run an inspec check command:

However, when I attempt to upload this profile to the chef compliance server, I get the red banner at the bottom that states: Error: Response from server was: exit status 1 [status code 500]

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


I’m running the latest version of Chef Compliance and Inspec.
Chef Compliance: 1.5.14
Inspec: 1.0.0

Hi Seth,

We’ve just released the first Chef Compliance package that comes with InSpec v1:
Chef Compliance 1.6.8 Released

If you have shell access to the Compliance server, you can run this command to troubleshoot further:

tail -f /var/log/chef-compliance/core/current

Based on the Compliance version you were running, I suspect a inspec.lock error or inspec compliance login request as you are using the compliance dependency. This is not yet supported for profiles uploaded to Chef Compliance. The git, url and path dependencies work with Chef Compliance v1.6.8.

Thanks for bringing this up and please let us know if you need more help.


I’m also running into this same problem due to dependencies. Is there an ETA for Chef Compliance to support dependency uploads? This seems like a natural feature to want.