Adding nodes in the automate server dashboard


I went through few of the videos available online and found that adding nodes was possible from the dashboard to run a compliance scan against it but didn’t find the same option in the recent version of the automate server (1.7.114-1). Is there an add on option to get the feature where the client nodes can be added to the dashboard?

Thank you.

I’ve just recently been going through the setup of the automate server and setting up data collection on the Chef Server basically is what was needed. You might be able to pick apart steps from the training site ( in order to achieve what you need. Hope that helps!

Thank you for replying. I am able to view the nodes in the automate server in the tab ‘Node’ when I bootstrap a new node or add a cookbook in the chef server. But the question I intended was that when it comes to the tab ‘Compliance’, how do we get the nodes/client nodes added here in this particular section.

I found in the videos that there a tab ‘Add node’ and once the node was added, necessary compliance would be run on it.