Just spun up an on premise Chef Automate Server, but cannot see the build nodes in the Node tab

I just spun up a Chef Automate server on premise and have connected it to our Chef Server, however even though I bootstrapped a node during the install of Chef Automate I do not see it in the Node tab. How do I assign nodes to environments/stages? I have tried following the tutorials but i dont see them appearing in the nodes list. Let me know if you need anymore information. I have also provisioned environments on the Chef server…but dont see them appearing in Chef Automate, is there a separate step for that?

Hi @carrnat,

Chef Automate provides a data collector endpoint that you must configure on your node and your Chef server.


Regarding the tutorial - although it speaks directly to the pre-configured environment, we want to make sure it connects you to the relevant reference material for folks who are setting this up on-prem. If you have feedback on what you expected (and where), I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I followed that tutorial on a new build server and set the properties. However I seem to be getting this error, any ideas?

As for the tutorial…I feel it may be missing a couple points especially what to do after you setup a build node. I setup the build node but didnt know what to do after that, do I need to create environments in the automate server? What specific settings do I need to set in the client.rb file for them to talk? (followed the link you sent and got this error)

Chef Client failed. 0 resources updated in 02 seconds
[2016-07-25T14:59:53-05:00] ERROR: POST request was redirected from https://lin2dv2do1.company.com/data-collector/v0/ to https://lin2dv2do1.company.com/login. Only GET and HEAD support redirects.
[2016-07-25T14:59:53-05:00] FATAL: Chef::Exceptions::ChildConvergeError: Chef run process exited unsuccessfully (exit code 1)


Were you abel to resolve this issue ? I am facing a similar problem where even after following the tutorial to setup data collector settings here : https://docs.chef.io/ingest_data_chef_automate.html , I am not able to see any updated done in chef-server visible in Chef-atuomate dashboard ?


Hello , Thomas

I am facing similar issue not seeing any updates done in chef-server ( like cookbook upload to chef server ) visible in chef-automate dashboard . I have setup token and root_url in chef-server following “Configure your Chef server to point to Chef Automate” section in tutorial : https://docs.chef.io/setup_visibility_chef_automate.html

I am able to see runner and node data in chef-automate , though, after setting data_url and token in client.rb of each node .

Any que will help ?


Hey there,

Can you report the versions of Chef server and Chef Automate that you have installed and provide excerpts of the chef-server.rb and delivery.rb config?

After updating each of those config files, did you run the corresponding *-ctl reconfigure command to apply the config – before converging nodes?


Hey ,

I have following versions running :

Automate server :


Delivery.rb :

delivery_fqdn "chef-auto.corp.adobe.com"
delivery['chef_username'] = "delivery"
delivery['chef_private_key'] = "/etc/delivery/delivery.pem"
delivery['chef_server'] = "https://webops-chef.corp.adobe.com/organizations/chef-auto"
insights['enable'] = true
data_collector['token'] = 'sometoken'
compliance_profiles['enable'] = true

Chef server :


/etc/opscode/chef-server.rb contains:

data_collector['root_url'] = 'https://chef-auto.corp.adobe.com/data-collector/v0/'
data_collector['token'] = 'sometoken'
profiles['root_url'] = 'https://chef-auto.corp.adobe.com'

And then i have run corresponding *-ctl reconfigure commands :

Another question : Does the cookbook has to be associated to a node to get reflected in automate dashboard ?

I just uploaded another cookbook to chef server but "cookbook changes" section under "converge status" section on chef automate dashboard didn't get updated ( snapshot attached ) but this cookbook is not in runlist of any node .

What i am able to do :

I was able to setup working project with a pipeline (working fine ) .
All my Node converge data gets reflected in chef-automate :

Node info reflecting :

Also , which logfile saves the logs of chef-server communicating to chef-automate ?

Hi Ankur,
The cookbook changes count should be updated regardless of if that cookbook is associated with a node or not. I would double check the token configuration and see if there are any errors in the chef-server log regarding sending that information. The logs for that would be in the folder /var/log/opscode/opscode-erchef.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for looking into this issue .
Do you want me to send you the logs ?
Where can i share them ?


Sure, send them over. My email is my username @chef.io