Announcing Habitat Personal Access Tokens

Hi folks -

We have a brand new feature that is now live on the Builder site ( Habitat Personal Access Tokens are a drop-in replacement for the Github access tokens that are being used for auth for the hab client. They are easy to generate (or revoke), and we are beginning a migration over to having people exclusively use them for client auth.

While the changes are backward compatible, in upcoming versions of the Habitat client, you will start seeing the following message when you make client commands using the Github tokens:

∅ Github tokens are being deprecated, please migrate to a Habitat Personal Access Token instead.
∅ To generate a Habitat Personal Access token, please visit the Builder Profile page (
∅ For more information, please read the documentation at

We expect to disable the use of Github tokens in an upcoming release of the Builder site, so early migration to the new tokens is highly encouraged.

Please see the following blog post for more information as well:


The Habitat Team