API license limit_exceeded=>true

Hi guys,

I’m using only the free features of Chef (Server, PushJobs, Workstations and Nodes).

But, when I query the /license on my API server, the result shows as below:

knife exec -E 'puts api.get("/license")' -c pivotal.rb
{"limit_exceeded"=>true, "node_license"=>25, "node_count"=>733, "upgrade_url"=>"http://www.getchef.com/contact/on-premises-simple"}

Why this limit_exceeded is true if I don’t install the Manage, Reporting, Compliance and Analytics?


Chef Server doesn't know whether you have these things installed. Instead, those products query the Chef Server to determine whether to display a nag screen in the UI or take other action. The core Chef Server is fully open source and you're not in violation of the license.