Auto-Rebuild Changes

Hello again all you lovely inHabitants!

We have an important announcement for you all today! Some of you may have noticed this morning (and perhaps other mornings as well) that when we rebuild certain trees of packages in builder, the build queues can get pretty long. The reason is simply a problem of deterministically rebuilding literally thousands of packages when one of those low-level builds is triggered. This problem is exacerbated for the node packages specifically because many of our tutorials and sample apps use a node app, which means most new users trying Habitat for the first time create a node app that gets linked into that reverse dependency rebuild tree!

Continued effort to make Builder awesome

Hopefully it’s also been apparent that the Habitat builder team have been making some major changes to the builder platform to increase stability, ease-of-use and (behind the scenes) our ability to get you the dankest of features as quickly as possible. One of these changes was a push to have users “opt-in” to auto-rebuilds as opposed to having all new packages automatically rebuild on a change. The second part of that effort has been to migrate all of the pre-existing ‘demo’ and ‘sample’ packages to auto-rebuild=off. We are happy to share with you all that as of this morning this work is now complete!

What this means for you

This means if you happen to have a ‘sample’ or ‘demo’ app in your origin that you need to be auto-rebuilding when low level changes occur, you are advised to log into builder and re-enable auto-rebuilding. It also means that extended build queues like the one triggered this morning should actually stay pretty short going forward! In the future this problem might be resolved entirely but for now this should enable all of you to get hot off the presses package without having wait any extended period of time for your own builds.


I know I buried the lede a bit - all packages with ‘demo’ or ‘sample’ in the package name have had their auto-rebuild status set to off if you need this behavior we suggest you log into builder and re-enable auto-builds for the demo or sample package!

As always, thanks for using Habitat and Habitat Builder!

Ian Henry
Habitat core team

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