Zlib, The Universe and You!

Hello InHabitants,

I hope you all are having a lovely Halloween weekend filled with bags of candy and hours of spooky movies! During conversations last week at the Habitat Community Summit we started the process of sifting through the transient dependency rebuild requirements to resolve the issue here.

As you can guess (or maybe have already experienced), zlib and perl both seemed to have gotten rebuilt mid-month and uploaded to core. Which means that if you’ve been attempting to build packages that rely on them and packages with dependencies that rely on them (which is highly likely) you’ve been greeted with a dependency chain mismatch error in your build.

There are many packages in core that rely on both of these packages and as such we are going to have to rebuild a broad swathe of them to ensure those dependency chains are corrected and ready to be consumed again. In fact, @fnichol has already started this process which should resolve this issue! As soon as the universe rebuild is complete we will be sure to update you here.

Thank you for using Habitat and have a Happy Halloween!

Alt Text

Rebuilds have been completed (approximately 240 packages were rebuilt, Thanks @fnichol!) and we are in the process of uploading them to the depot.

Thanks for your patience and as always thank you for using Habitat!