Automate 2 version 20211220104140 Released!

We are delighted to announce the availability of version 20211220104140 of Chef Automate 2.


Added two new CLI options:

  • uniqNodeRunReport returns the number of unique nodes reporting to Chef Automate within a range of dates. (#6355)
  • nodeRunReport returns a CSV file that contains data about nodes that have reported to Chef Automate within a range of dates. (#6355)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where compliance profiles would not upload in ZIP format. (#6146)


Security Updates

Upgraded Elasticsearch to 6.8.22:

Upgraded AdoptOpenJDK version to 11.0.13+8 :

Chef Product Versions

This release uses:

  • Chef Habitat version: 1.6.181/20201030172917
  • Chef Habitat Builder version: 8997/20200812161534
  • Chef Infra Server version: 14.4.4/20210520120637
  • Chef InSpec version: 4.24.32/20210112215549

Service Versions

This release uses:

  • Postgres: 9.6.11
  • ElasticSearch: 6.8.22
  • Nginx: 1.21.3
  • Haproxy: 2.2.2

View the package manifest for the latest release.

How to Upgrade

By default Chef Automate 2 will automatically upgrade to this new version. If you have disabled automatic upgrades you can manually initiate an upgrade by running:

chef-automate upgrade run

As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your feedback online. Thanks for using Chef Automate 2!