Aws-OpsWork Chef-Automate Server

Greetings Professional,

I have a question what is Aws provisioned -OpsWork Chef-Automate Server is ? is it a hosted chef or on premise?


I attended the launch of this at the AWS Soho Loft. I spoke to some Chef personnel and ask them about hosted Chef since I use it Chef sometimes. However this feature from AWS is their own self-contained Chef servers that are Big Beefy instances built from cloud formation. So I would say no this is not the same thing as hosted chef but in-fact cloud chef running on the AWS infrastructure.

Thanks for the question! OpsWorks for Chef Automate is a managed service offered by AWS. Amazon hosts the combined server for Chef Automate and Chef Server on behalf of the customer, and can perform upgrades and backups as part of the service. Hosted Chef, which is operated by Chef, does not include Chef Automate at this time but does include Chef Server with the Reporting and Management Console add-ons. Hope this helps.


Thank you mam for reaching me out with the valuable information…!