Which solution should we pick on choosing AWS Opswork or go AWS Marketplace

We are trying provide client prove concept that which solution Client should go for initial step.
1.Chef with AWS Opswork
2.AWS Marketplace directly.

Would you please help to sort out general guidelines? I saw previous thread related this topic, but it’s date back to 2015, two year ago. Technology evolving fast, any changes has made to help users decide?

Thanks in Advance!

OpsWorks for Chef Automate is the newer option, and does a bit more fancy HA set up for you I think, the Marketplace Chef Server images are a bit older and less magic.

from operation and management perspective which solution is easier, more
efficient, more transparent for new comer start with?

We recently removed these old versions and published a new marketplace offering with Chef Automate. So both the marketplace offering and OWCA (OpsWorks for Chef Automate) give you a Chef Server and Automate on a single EC2 instance.

OWCA I think is a little easier to get started with, since they give you your initial credentials via their integration in the console. Backup and restore are also integrated into the OpsWorks service and work transparently, and OWCA will upgrade the software on the system for you.

One drawback of OWCA is they control what version of Chef Server and Automate you get and can lag behind in versions. The goal is for OWCA to lag new Chef Automate releases by a month or so, but currently it's a bit more behind than that.

With the marketplace images, there is a command line tool to update the components, which you have to run on your own, but will get you the latest versions if you want them.

With OWCA, you also get APIs that AWS builds on top of the Automate/Chef service, such as an API to associate a given EC2 instance with your Chef Server (AssociateNode - OpsWorks)


Dan DeLeo

Yes, Clear me. Thanks a lot!