Azure Chef Automate Starter kit not download

Another quick update... just checked the portal to see if there is any additional information, and it was updated with this:

Microsoft Review (7 - 14 days)
We will review your Azure Application and will email you if we find any issues. This step may take longer to complete than anticipated depending upon the nature of issues.
Validating content: Content validation completed.
Microsoft Review: The request is waiting for approval.

So it could take a couple weeks.

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The Azure Marketplace image is now public and the starter bug issue has been resolved. The current image contains 1.8.68 and an update version of the biscotti setup process.


I am facing same issue with amazon marketplace instance..i have tried to launch the instance multiple times but still stuck with same issue..kindly suggest what can be done.

HI Kamal,

Were you able to visit the setup wizard at all when trying to download the starter kit? Also did you try leaving the license field blank.

Feel free to reach out to me at with what you tried.

It is also worth noting that the Azure and AWS Marketplace images for Chef Automate are outdated, especially the Azure one which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and Chef Automate 1.8.

We are working to bring newer installations to the Marketplace and hope to do so in the next few months.


@stuartpreston no I was not able to proceed with setup wizard. I just entered the instance id and after that I filled out the form asking for my details like user-name ,email and password after filling the form I was not able to submit it. And it gave me an error.
Thank you for looking into this..