Azure Chef Automate Starter kit not download


I run setup and it not download starter-kit ,but there is no option to download anywhere. How do i download it? I am using azure chef automate?


Hello Jason,

When you ran setup was this in your browser? You should fill out a form
with your Chef Automate user details and then submit. After which your
starter kit should download.

I am checking it myself now as well.




Once you submit the form to create your Chef Automate account and you get
to the page that states everything has been setup you need to wait for the
download of your starter kit.
If you click the ‘Login to Chef Automate’ too quickly you will not get the

Hope that helps.



I did fill out the form. It did go to page everything done and redirect to portal.

i decided to wipes out everything and reprovision chef automate. Fill out the form and it take me to complete page with some text and then redirect me to but then say on the page

Internal Server Error

Even with error, i can still login with user/pass create ,just don’t know how to download starter-kit or anything else wrong.


I had a similar issue with Chef-Automate in AWS MarketPlace. If the name/IP
changed it could create this issue.
Try the commands below. Not sure if there is a chef-marketplace-ctl command
in Azure. Use
the Azure equivalent. Just be sure to restart biscotti service.

#Reconfigure and restart backend sevices.
chef-marketplace-ctl hostname
chef-marketplace-ctl stop biscotti
chef-marketplace-ctl start biscotti
automate-ctl reconfigure
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
automate-ctl restart
chef-server-ctl restart
chef-server-ctl restart nginx


I didn’t get a chance to do this because i delete vm. i try again without out change any parameter and it work.