Basic Chef Fluency Badge


Hi there to everyone, I took the Chef fluency test and unfortunately didn't make it to the pass percentage of 70%. I am taking it again but I was hoping I could get some pointers from people who have already attempted it before. I don't use it commercially and practice in my labs for certification purposes. I tried LA course and it was good but not good enough to make me fly through. I am setting up the lab again, so any suggestion/feedback will be highly valuable.



I don't use chef day to day at my job either, though we are going to be using it. So I used my home lab for learning how to use chef. I built a chef server bootstrapped a couple of nodes and then spent time learning how to get info from the server and how to interact with it without the use of chef manage.
I used LA basic fluency course and in chef rally I completed these 3 rally tracks

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Becoming a Part of the Chef Community
  • Continuous Automation

Also check out Annie Hedgpeths kata guide for the cert.