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Hello Cheffers!

We¹ve been busy over the past few weeks working on a refreshed content experience. We¹re just about
ready to ship, but would love some final feedback and validation before we
do. That¹s where you come in!

The goal for right now is to provide a great first experience
for folks who are new to Chef. Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Provide a safe learning environment for folks to Œkick the tires¹ and
  • Introduce the concepts gradually & provide hands-on experience along the
  • Provide a streamlined learning experience that¹s tailored to the server
    environment the reader cares about most.
    Later, we¹ll expand the content to keep existing Chef practitioners
    up-to-date on the latest features and proven practices.

We want to appeal to everyone ­ sysadmins and developers alike
­ whether they¹re at a more junior level or have been working with IT
infrastructure for years.

Whether you¹re new to Chef or wear it like an old hat, we¹d love to hear
from you what you think!

We¹ve created this survey to help guide you through the process.

Start the survey!

Thanks. Your input means a ton.

Tom Petchel
Technical Content Lead