Berks upload chokes on recipe with __END__ in it

I have a recipe that has __END__ in it, and some stuff after that that I would like to keep.

The recipe is valid ruby syntax according to ruby -c. And in fact I can run the recipe in Test Kitchen with kitchen converge. However, when I try and upload it with berks upload I get an error that the __END__ line is a ruby syntax error.

$ berks upload
E, [2016-05-02T10:40:05.787260 #3030] ERROR -- : Cookbook file /Users/dtenenba/dev/github/BBS-provision-cookbook/recipes/default.rb has a ruby syntax error:
E, [2016-05-02T10:40:05.787352 #3030] ERROR -- : /Users/dtenenba/dev/github/BBS-provision-cookbook/recipes/default.rb:605: syntax error, unexpected end-of-input, expecting keyword_end
E, [2016-05-02T10:40:05.787385 #3030] ERROR -- : __END__
E, [2016-05-02T10:40:05.787410 #3030] ERROR -- :  ^
E, [2016-05-02T10:40:05.789029 #3030] ERROR -- : Ridley::Errors::CookbookSyntaxError: Invalid ruby files in cookbook: BBS-provision-cookbook (0.1.1).

Do I have to get rid of the __END__ and everything after it in order to use Berkshelf?