Berks upload resulting in ECONNRESET connection reset too many times?

Hi guys,

I’m currently experimenting with Chef/Berkshelf/Spiceweasel and I’ve hit a
point where I need to consult with someone.

I’m attempting to deploy an OpenStack all-in-one node from the
stackforge/chefrepo on github.

I’ve deployed Chef Server 11.0.11 to a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VM, The VM is
accessible via a static IP address.

Everything was going smooth until I’ve executed spiceweasel -e
which in turn calls berks upload

I’ve noticed that few cookbooks did get installed onto the server, however
in the middle of the process, the chef server appears to be resetting the
connections which crashes the whole process

And I have no idea why. I’m seeing the ECONNRESET message saying that the
connection has been reset too many times, if you’d like I can provide you
with a stacktrace.

I’ve noticed that this issue has started to appear lately in the community
chat, but I don’t see any sort of resolution out there yet.

Do you know if I can work around this issue or fix this permanently?