Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect


I am using the recipe install_from_binary.rb from nodejs cookbook. Here is the path of recipe that I am using.

While using this recipe I am getting error: Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect on the line number 48 of this above mentioned recipe. I am not sure why this error is coming and how to resolve it. Any suggestions on this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Nabeel

The cookbook you're using is very old, and it looks like the folks who owned that fork have archived it. So the resources it is accessing could be out of date or no longer available. But I don't see where the remote_file resource you're highlighting is making a request to an https uri. Do you have a proxy that your host must use to access downloads?

There's a more recent version of that cookbook available,

If you could post more of the error message from your chef-client run, we could take a deeper look at what might be going on.