Berkshelf 5.0 released

We just released Berkshelf 5.0 to rubygems in preparation for it being included in the next ChefDK.

The major ‘feature’ of this release is entirely fixing ruby 2.3/2.4 support and dropping ruby 2.1 support.

The bump of the major version is so that people still bundling on ruby 2.1 and including a ~> 4.0 constraint on
berkshelf hopefully don’t break.

Anyone on ruby 2.1 is highly encouraged to upgrade since many gems are dropping support for 2.1 (rack, activesupport, etc).

(of course we’ve been shipping chef+chefdk on ruby 2.1 and got way behind the curve ourselves, but the point of this release is to get berks on ruby 2.3 shipping in the next chefdk release in a few weeks – and we need to bake it for awhile which is why this release is happening in advance of the chefdk release that supports it).