Bootstraping multiple windows nodes

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I would like to bootstrap many nodes at the same time using knife command how can i do it? should i setup environment and roles using json files?



On windows (with powershell) you can use a command like this:
foreach ( $machine in Get-Content D:\machines.txt ) { knife node delete $machine -y; knife client delete $machine -y; knife bootstrap $machine -N $machine -x root -P 'rootpassword'; knife download nodes/$machine.json }

The script above also deletes an existing node. you can remove the first two commands knife node delete $machine -y; knife client delete $machine -y if the nodes does not already exists.

Of course, you can use another user if that user have sudo rights.
An example with the content of machines.txt:

In Linux you can use a shell script alike.

All the machines should have records in DNS in order to be seen by chef server.

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my workstation is under centos7 so i’m not using powershell to bootstrap my nodes, i’m using knife bootstrap windows winrm!

The bash script would be like
for MACHINE in cat hostlist.txt; do knife bootstrap $MACHINE -N $MACHINE -u root -P ‘rootpasswd’;done
ofcourse, you can use an user with sudo rights.

I hope this helps,

Okay thanks that’s very helpful. Are the bootstrap operations occuring at the same time?

It would do them linearly, not in paralell.

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It might be worth mentioning spiceweasel here.

If you are bootstrapping in an environment supported by a chef-provisioning driver like EC2 or Azure (there are others too), then the machine and machine_batch resources are worth a look. machines inside a machine_batch will converge concurrently.

I 'm bootstraping physical machines running under windows 7 so i’m not in an environement supported by chef_provisionning i guess i’m i wrong?
So in that case, how can i bootstrap my nodes in parallel?


@chernaj you can bootstrap physical machines with chef-provisioning. Check out the chef-provisioning-ssh driver (it also does winrm for windows nodes).

Ok thanks i’ll try it with chef delivery too!

Can someone explain hox to install and configure ssh provisionning driver?