Bulk update object permissions on hosted chef


Does anyone know if a way of bulk updating the permissions on objects in
hosted chef?

For example, say I want to add a new group that lets users view the data on
node objects - but not make changes to it.

If I add the new group and give it the global list permission on nodes,
then users in the new group can list the nodes (e.g. via knife node list).
However they cannot view the node information until they get read
permission on that node. Adding this on a node by node basis through the
web interface is time consuming and prone to error.

I can’t see anything in the docs or any knife commands that would let me do
something like:

knife permissions nodes global group readers +list knife permissions nodes “environment:production” group readers +read
-update -delete
$ knife permissions nodes “environment:production” group superadmins +read
+update +delete

Does anyone know if this is possible, or have any methods for doing it?

Cheers, Gavin