Can I create and load my compliance profile on compliance on my automate?

I would to know if it’s possible to upload a custom profile in compliance integrated with automate. is it possible? How?


Yes, there’s a REST API for compliance: You can use it to get an API token and upload/load a new profile.

It’s not quite as good as having a CLI, but it does the job.

The inspec CLI will allow you to upload compliance profiles to Automate.

Log in to a Chef Compliance/Chef Automate SERVER

inspec compliance login https://SERVER --insecure --user=‘USER’ --ent=‘ENTERPRISE’ --token=‘TOKEN’

uploads a local profile to Chef Compliance

inspec compliance upload PATH

Cool, there you go, also a CLI. Thanks Matt.

Last time I tried this I did need to resort to using the API. But I think the upload option didn’t exist at that point.

many thanks guys!.
I will try it!

I'm using aws opsworks automate and when I try to upload by web interface I receive this error


ok, found the issue. I can upload directly by my webinterface