Can I maintain my cookbooks in Perforce instead of git?

Our application configurations and System configurations are maintained in Perforce. I would like to maintain the cookbooks [versioned and maintained] in Perforce as well. I couldn’t find any documentation mentioning this is doable. Has anyone tried using other repositories instead on git?

My workstation has chef-repo created using ‘knife generate app chef-repo’

Any suggestions thoughts will be greatly appreciated!


If you like perforce, use perforce. Heck, you can use SCCS if you really want to.

its not about what I like [I wish it could matter], its our organization who wants to stick to Perforce.

do you have any thoughts on how to configure that?

I don’t use perforce, so no. After you generate the empty cookbook, just remove the .git directory, then do whatever magic is done to turn it into a perforce thingy.