Can I view the state of runtime variables to figure out this error?

I'm fumbling my way through trying to create a package. It builds and succeeds, but when I try to run it just enters a loop like this:

sync_gateway.default(SV)[src/]: Starting process as user=hab, group=hab
sync_gateway.default(SR)[src/manager/service/]: Service start failed: hab-sup(ER)[src/]: No such file or directory (os error 2)

I'm trying to figure out which file cannot be found. Is there a way to get more information about this error? I probably have messed up the run hook, but I change directories to pkg.path and try to run a binary from that directory and I'm a little unclear about the difference between this and the "Habitat Service" paths. Which path should the binary included in the package be in? I can see that the binary is properly in the /habs/pkg directory and running it from there results in no errors.

You can try doing env RUST_LOG=debug hab start myorigin/sync_gateway.

It shouldn’t matter where you run the binary from. You might, however, want to make sure you have pkg_bin_dirs=(bin) where bin is the directory where your binary is. If you’re trying to run a binary from another package, make sure you have that package in your pkg_deps.

If those don’t work let me know and maybe I can help look more closely at the plan if possible.