Can someone provide the info around Chef licence

Can someone provide the info around Chef licence.

Here is the pricing and also the features available for the price/system.

Now in saying that, the free chef server system (with no paid support - only community based) has a limit of 25 nodes.

I use the free version which has Chef server, Manage and reporting. To ensure we don’t use to many licenses I remove most nodes after running the cookbooks to install all the required software as I only need to have them configured once. There is a little extra overhead involved in this:

  • Cleaning up SSH keys
  • Ensuring the server no longer sees the node
  • Ensuring the server no longer sees the client

It isn’t a perfect way to use the system, but it does work.

To clear up message above, the chef server itself is not under commercial license in any way.
Only manage and report add-on are subject to licensing above 25 nodes.

If you don’t use the graphical interface and work with chef-dk you can register has many nodes as you wish on your chef server (as long as the underlying hardware can support the load)

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Thanks a lot for your response.

is Chef HA functionality also paid service?


Reference documentation is here:

In doubt you can contact Chef to get commercial informations, it will be more accurate than me.