Can we install chef server on windows

I have installed chef server on Linux machine and I assumed chef server is not supported on windows. But, I found a document on Chef website where they have specified that chef server installation on windows as untested by which I am assuming we have a source to install chef server on windows by chef team have not tested it. It would be great if I could get some confirmation on whether we can install chef server on windows or not. If we can install, I need some links which specifies the procedure for it.

Erlang and Ruby both run on Windows, as does Postgres and anything Java-based (so Solr or ElasticSearch). Put that all together and there is no obvious reason you couldn’t build yourself a Chef Server on Windows I guess. But “not tested” is perhaps underselling things, it would be better to say “no one has tried this and you’ll be starting from scratch”. Probably just use a Linux machine :slight_smile: If you really have to use Windows for some reason, probably try using Goiardi first (minimalist Go implementation of Chef Server).