Chef server on windows platform


Can chef server be installed in windows platform? if not possible what will be the others ways to use chef automation without involving the Linux 64bit server ?


The Chef server only works on Linux and I don't believe there are any plans to change this. If you do not wish to manage a Linux server, you may choose to use hosted options like or AWS OpsWorks or the new managed offering on Azure.


It can be much less expensive to use a lightweight virtual host Chef SErver on your existing infrastructure, or one of the better docker images. Or, if you're feeling cheap and don't want to invest in a server for preliminary testing, you can use my published hooks for working with chef-zero, which does not require a Chef server at all, and works will with only a local git repo.

Those hooks are at They work on Windows hosts. It is slow because running Ruby on Windows is slow. And I've found it extremely useful for testing new configs, for nodes, new databags, or new cookbooks or roles, before uploading them to the Chef server and risking your entire environment with a typo in a config file.