Changing attributes on windows nodes

Hello people!
how can you overwrite attributes on the node, does it happen in a recipe or in the attributes file? for exemple: if i want to have some changes on my node like free up the disk. how can i do it?


As a best practice, setting a node specific attribute is discouraged. The more you do this, the more “special snowflake” servers you have, which are hard to manage.

If you want to do it anyway, use knife node edit, or if using the chef management console, click on “edit” under the node.

A better approach is to create a “role” or “environment” that contains the attributes you want, then apply the role/env to the node.

If you are doing a one time task(like freeing up disk space), it might be better to handle this with orchestration. (E.g knife ssh, knife winrm ect… )

So what would be the command to free up the disk?