Changing Rackspace Cloud detection in Ohai (OHAI-387)

We’re planning on removing support for detecting instances on the original Rackspace Cloud by the 00:00:0c:07:ac:01 and 00:00:0c:9f:f0:01 MAC addresses [1]. These are actually Cisco HSRP addresses and provide a false positive for anyone running that on their network. There is no way to detect a Rackspace Cloud instance from the system itself, so we implemented a hint system for Ohai a while ago to work around this [2]. If you have Rackspace Cloud based systems and expect you’ll upgrade Ohai, please create a recipe to create “/etc/chef/ohai/hints/rackspace.json” on those systems, and only those systems.

A hat tip goes to Google for allowing the identification of GCE from DMI information. If you know anyone at Rackspace, please continue encouraging them to do the same.

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