Chef 10.16.4 Released

We've got a special holiday release of Chef 10.16.4 we whipped up to fix a breaking issue due to a rewrite of moneta being released recently.

[CHEF-3564] - remote_directory is updated_by_last_action on every run
[CHEF-3574] - There's a typo in the action_reload method of lib/chef/provider/service.rb that causes "reload" actions to display "disable service" messages during whyrun
[CHEF-3577] - knife ssh overrides port value in ssh config
[CHEF-3597] - knife.rb cannot handle frozen strings in chef_server_url (like from ENV)
[CHEF-3632] - All providers have whyrun enabled by default due to RemoteDirectory
[CHEF-3672] - ubuntu12.04-gems bootstrap needs to be updated for 12.10
[CHEF-3721] - Moneta 0.7.0 breaks remote_file/remote_directory
[CHEF-3660] - Deploy Revision Provider Fails on Solaris 9
[CHEF-3619] - Chef still has obsolete 'rake/rdoctask' require

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