0.10.6 Release Candidate

Hi Chefs,

I just pushed RC 1 of Chef 0.10.6 to rubygems.org. Chef 0.10.6 has more than 70 bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • A new windows command execution backend. This adds support for environment variables and specifying a working directory, and should also fix issues with incorrect exit codes being reported.
  • not_if and only_if have been updated so that they'll use our newer command execution backends, and also allow multiple not_if/only_if conditionals per resource.
  • knife bootstrap can install your encrypted data bag secret
  • A bug where chef-client or knife running on ruby 1.9 would encounter an EOFError when uploading data containing multibyte characters to a Chef server running SSL has been fixed.
  • You can turn off the "processing" lines in the log output by setting verbose to false in your config file.
  • There's a new handler type for issuing notifications at the beginning of a chef-client run
  • Numerous fixes to the yum package provider
  • And many moreā€¦

To try out the RC:

gem install chef --pre

You can view the full list of bug fixes and improvements here:


You can also see the full list of commits and changes here:

Please let us know if you find any regressions. Per our new release policy, we'll wait at least three days for regressions to be found before shipping a final release (if regressions are found, we'll create a new RC and start over).


Dan DeLeo