Chef Automate Release 1.7.39

We are delighted to announce release 1.7.39 of Chef Automate. The release is available for download from


Removed Legacy Search Bar
The original search bar under the Nodes tab has been accessible via the legacy feature flag since release of Chef Automate 1.6.87 in August. With this release the legacy search bar has been removed from the product.

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected an issue in the beta compliance scan job setup that prevented nodes from being added via the UI
  • Improved performance and stability of the compliance trend graph when working with larger data sets
  • Removed remnants of unused census phone home component; backup jobs using the --no-census flag will now return an info-level warning as the flag is no longer required
  • Fixed an issue where the 30 day trial license for cloud marketplace images was not being verified correctly
  • Security Fix: Removed RabbitMQ ‘guest’ user. This change resolves a vulnerability that allowed remote access to the RabbitMQ data due to a system account with a weak default password.

We encourage you to upgrade often. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or share your feedback online. Thanks for using Chef Automate!