Chef Automate 2.0 Upgrade failing


I’m getting the following error when trying to upgrade to Automate 2.0. Any ideas.
Where are behind a Proxy/Firewall for all internet access. The appropriate env has been set for
the Proxy.

Bootstrapping Habitat
Fetching Release Manifest
Creating hab user
Installing Habitat 0.58.0/20180629144346
Installing Habitat package hab-sup
Installing Habitat package hab-launcher
Installing Habitat systemd unit
Installing supplementary Habitat packages
Installing Habitat package automate-debug
Installing Habitat package rsync
Starting Habitat with systemd

Bootstrapping deployment-service on localhost
Configuring deployment-service
Installing deployment-service
Starting deployment-service
Waiting for deployment-service to be ready
Initializing connection to deployment-service

Applying Deployment Configuration

Unable to apply deployment configuration
Error: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Release manifest not available
Error: Up**gradeError: An issue occurred during the upgrade: Migrating from A1 failed: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Release manifest not available**


I'm having the same issue on CentOS 7.6 x86_64.

I also have a proxy server, but set the appropriate environment variables. Also, I'm using the following command to install Chef Automate (my proxy is using a CA certificate):

SSL_CERT_FILE="/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/my-cert.crt" chef-automate deploy config.toml

Are there any news?

Best wishes,