Chef Automate - Question about Use Case without Build

We are currently doing a quick-pass on deployment automation tools for DevOps and I’m trying to get some more details in how the Automate pipeline can be implemented. Specifically we already have automated builds running and putting the drop in a share and we had hoped to avoid having to redo all of the builds (at least initially). Looking at the documentation for Automate it appears that the pipeline expects to work against git and orchestrate the builds and everything leading up to acceptance. Is that a true statement? Obviously anything with chef can be customized but I’m saying out of the box without a lot of customization.


Hi there, thanks for the note. Your assessment of the current state of things is accurate. As you suggest (because it’s Chef), you could develop a build cookbook that “skips” verify and build by having the recipe content of the phases in those stages be empty.

In the future we’re interested in exploring different integration options with other build systems, CI systems, etc., but for today you’ve described the workflow pipeline correctly.