Chef Automate Release 0.5.346

We are delighted to announce release 0.5.346 of Chef Automate. The release is available for download from or in the stable channel on

GitHub Integration

This release completes the beta of the enhanced GitHub integration and is the final release before the feature will be made generally available. With this release you may now migrate your existing projects that use the original version of the integration to the new version. Reference the migration guide for more details on performing the migration. Projects must be migrated before upgrading to the next release of Chef Automate, as the new integration is not backwards compatible.

GitHub integration now includes additional usability improvements, including displaying the name of the Chef Automate user as a comment in the pull request and validating connectivity of the integration.

Job Dispatch

This release contains the early access release of several improvements to the Automate Workflow job system. In addition to build nodes, Automate Workflow now supports a new kind of remote execution node called a runner. Workflow runners are similar to build nodes, but offer some key feature improvements.

Where Automate uses Chef Push Jobs to communicate with build nodes, Automate instead uses ssh to communicate with runners. In addition, jobs that are executed on runners can be canceled from the GUI, and Automate offers a visible job queue for runners.

It’s possible to use build nodes and runners side-by-side. Once runners have been connected to the Automate server, projects can be opted-in to using the new system. For more information about using this early access feature, please contact the Chef product team.


Visibility updates and bug fixes include: a fix for customers who want to use no proxy; improving the layout of the run history sidebar list for smaller screens; and improving the missing node list’s accuracy.

We encourage you to upgrade often. As always, we welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us directly or participate in our feedback forum. Thanks for using Chef Automate!